Courses Offered

To provide high quality, affordable IT training in computer software, hardware and net-working, so as to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students thereby helping  them  advance their career prospects


Advance Diploma in Hardware & Networking (ADHN)

Imagining life without computers has become almost impossible for a large chunk of population. To understand its nitty and gritty is not a child’s game and people would often need experts to actually allow a smooth function of their computers. Libra Computers now presents to you ADHN where individuals will take their existing career to advance levels.

  1. Suitable for all electronic and engineering students who would have hands on experience in managing and maintaining resources.

  2. Operating Systems such as Server 2003, Windows Xp and Linux along with administration will be imparted thereby boosting the students’ confidence level to work with any operating system implemented by different companies.

  3. Additional Degrees such as CCNA and MCSA will also be obtained after the candidate successfully answers the respective exams at authorizing centers, thereby boosting the career options and job opportunities to a much higher level and wider scope
Course contents
Semester 1 (Computer Applications)
• Basic Electronics
• Computer Applications

Semester 3
• Network Essentials

Semester 2
• Operating System Technologies
• PC Architecture & Peripheral Devices
• H/W Assembly & Maintenance

Semester 4
• Linux