Courses Offered

To provide high quality, affordable IT training in computer software, hardware and net-working, so as to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students thereby helping  them  advance their career prospects


Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)

With computer technology constantly changing, operators must be adaptable and willing to learn. This program prepares every student for an entry level role such as a computer support person in a buisness or organizations where people rely on computers to complete their work.

  1. Ideal for people working with word processing applications or as data entry operators with spreadsheets. Even those involved in making formal or informal presentations to different organizations.

  2. Wide scope for jobs such as front office assistants, accountants, or even presenting data by secretaries.

  3. Helps in strengthening the computer technical skills by providing numerous lab courses.

  4. Most organizations depend on computers for maintaining all their documents and other files as such DCA plays a very important role in training candidates for handling such queries.

Course contents

Computer Applications
• Computing Concepts
• Spread Sheet
• Presentation Package
• MS Windows
• Word Processor
• Web Concepts

• Data Base Management System
• 1 Elective Subject
• Project