Courses Offered

To provide high quality, affordable IT training in computer software, hardware and net-working, so as to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students thereby helping  them  advance their career prospects


Masters Diploma in Computer System (MDCS)

This course comprises of the most advanced topics of computers and information technology. From ABC of computers to hardware & networking, from software designing to web development, every inch of computer technique will be covered under one roof.


  1. Uplifting Careers: The very fact that the course termed is masters would mean that the student would be a master in the respected course which caters both hardware and software. From MS Office, this would be useful for managing office documents and presentation to developing quality pictures using DTP software which provide uplift to websites. Be it banner publishing, website designing or even network administration to hardware rectification, MDCS is the best choice for candidates who would like to uplift their career standards.

  2. Job Placement: What’s the use if you have a degree and no place in the market to get a suitable job? MDCS, a course that carries a lot of weightage would help any candidate to get the right kind of job as there is no restriction to apply only for certain jobs. MDCS covers both hardware and software giving an edge over any other student while applying for a respectable job.

  3. Different Operating Systems is an added advantage In this course as the user will not have hands on experience only with windows client Operating Systems but also with Server and Linux based Operating System
Course contents
Semester 1 (Computer Applications)
• Computing Concepts
• Spread Sheet
• Presentation Package
• MS Windows
• Word Processor
• Web Concepts
• Database Management System
• Elective Subject
• Project

Semester 3 (Software Development)
• Logic Concepts
• Programming Language
• Project
• System Analysis & Design
Semester 2 (Web Development & DTP)
• Photoshop
• Corel Draw
• Page Maker / Illustrator / Indesign
• MS Front Page
• Flash
• Dream weaver
• Logic Concepts
• Scripting Languages
• Project

Semester 4 (Hardware & Networking)
• H/W Assembly & Maintenance
• Network Essentials