Courses Offered

To provide high quality, affordable IT training in computer software, hardware and net-working, so as to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students thereby helping  them  advance their career prospects


  Student Speak : Naeem

My Experience with Libra Computers…

I have had a wish for the last three years of my life. I did a lot of research with regards to the different options available in order to achieve maximum gratification. After three years of evaluating my options, I finally made my choice and received immense satisfaction.

I always considered good knowledge of computers was imperative in order to stay competitive and to stay ahead. I wanted to accentuate my understanding of computers by studying computer software. I would be dedicating a lot of time and effort into this, and therefore, choosing a good, advanced institute was of utmost importance.

During my extensive research, I came across an institution named Libra Computers. I interacted with a few people regarding Libra, I was impressed by the good opinion they held about this academy. I chose Libra Computers to pursue my interests.

When I reached Libra Computers, it was indeed very remarkable as the institute has good infrastructure, well qualified teachers, and well structured system of instruction and learning in which doubts and confusions are well received and well addressed.

The teachers are very amiable and talented. They teach effectively, by giving examples and simple exercises. They utilize their potential to the fullest, especially to ensure that the student is not left with any doubt in his/her mind.

The amiability of the institute is not limited to its teachers; everybody is very friendly, including the Director and the fellow students. Once you enter the academy, you feel like a part of the Libra family.

Thanks to Libra as they have taught me a new skill, strengthened my career prospects and help me shape my future. I am sure I will succeed and shine in my life with the help of this new skill which Libra helped me acquire


My Dream Institute……………………


  Student Speak : Ruayesha Fernandes

Learning  Is Beautiful Remember Always

God created the universe and gave man the wisdom to discover many things.One of the discoveries was the 7th constellation named LIBRA. The very Libra is an inspiration to one and all,young or old alike to scale new heights in one’s career or degree. I feel proud to say that I belong to the same star.

The institute of Libra came to birth by God’s blessings at Mapusa,which paved a way to my success,happiness and future!  As a student and individual, I have achieved a lot from this institution through constant correspondence with the teachers,clearing out my doubts, taking interest in learning unique concepts. I must say that the student-teacher rapo is worth proclaiming!!

Today I see myself at a professional level employed in ‘Pearls Group of Companies (INDIA)’. I am happy and getting much more involved in information technology day by day.

My message to the viewers is ‘There might be millions of dreams to flourish in IT,Libra Computers help you realize this dream!!’

So come on all you people wake up and start working on your dreams s s… NOW…


  Student Speak : Nandita Rodrigues
A comfortable and interactive learning environment approachable faculty, interesting do-it-yourself projects made my experience at libra computers memorable and fun. It has indeed created a jump-start in my career.

  Student Speak : Rachel D’Mello
In the competitive world that we live in today, no matter what professional field you are in, being able to use a computer has become literally a ‘lifetime’ in addition to the required educational qualification. I was always aware of the importance of computers, but I wasn’t sure where I should go to educate myself in this area uncertain I was, until I joined Libra Computers. Yes my dear friends after my experience here at Libra Computers I am now sure that I have made the right choice. Surely you will all agree with me when I say that Libra Computers has a high standard that is being maintained and our Libra teachers do to us. They say ‘Your school is your second home,’ and here at Libra Computers we all do feel at home. We are taught that Microsoft Windows is ‘User friendly.’ Well, so are our Libra teachers, always ready to help us whenever we need them. In schools teachers say, “Study hard and great opportunities will come knocking at your door.” Our Libra teachers will tell you, “Also learn windows well for doors of greater opportunity to open.” Come morning, come evening, hardware or software, Libra computers has got it all covered. I am very satisfied and proud to be a student at Libra Computers and it gives me great joy in knowing that God has blessed us with some of the best faculty members and enthusiastic students like you and me that make this institution a great success.