Blockchain technology is one of the fastest developing sectors and surely an industry of the future, with all the existing large business houses currently adopting/ embracing it. To give you a head-start we have specially designed two courses

BlockChain Basics

This course help you understand the basics of Blockchain technology right from the origin, the use-cases and problems it was initially designed to solve. We also cover details of Tokens, cryptocurrencies, NFT, Web3 concept, Wallets, swapping, minting, the various consensus mechanisms that are in use, staking, mining of coins and lots more.

The course is designed to help embrace blockchain technology, how it will impact our lives and if we want to be part of this new revolution which will change the Internet and how is data is being handled. On completion a student will be able to decide on a career path within the industry that they would like to pursue

BlockChain Developer Course

The back-bone of any crypto based project that has their own token is a smart-contract which is a piece of code. This is the heart/ engine of any token or crypto currency and has a set of rules written in the code. This course will teach you from basics how to write a smart-contract in Solidity which is the most widely used for EVM based token.

Finding talent with such skills in the job-market is a very rare and companies are willing to pay exorbitant salaries for such talent. Job opportunities can be a BlockChain Developer or as an auditor of smart-contracts to find loop-holes or possible vulnerabilities in smart-contracts.