Hardware & Networking

Computer Hardware

Learn to troubleshoot or repair a Desktop and laptop. This course will help you to understand the inner working of a Desktop PC and of a laptop and the function of each component. You will be able to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of system failure and be able to rectify the same as well as upgrade system performance.

Students will also learn to format, install an OS and check the BIOS settings of a both the laptop and Desktop PC.


Not all data can be shared on online cloud servers and users be susceptible to threat online or face difficulties with poor internet connectivity. Hence, the need to have a private Network to share data locally and have systems connected and secure. This course will give you insights into setting-up, maintaining and troubleshooting a local network of systems. You will learn the concept of IP addresses, servers, cabling and sharing settings.


  • Network Administrator
  • IT Dept – maintenance of systems/ Network
  • Freelancing professional